Shoulder Surgery Cost: What Is The Cost Of Arthroscopic Surgery

What Is The Cost Of Shoulder Surgery?

It is important to know the cost of surgery before going for the surgery, in today’s challenging economic environment. To know arthroscopic shoulder surgery cost, one has to know the procedure and other options available. It may cost approximately anywhere between 7000 $ to 15,000 $, again it depends on many factors such as complications involved, hospital and place of surgery, surgeons charges will also vary.

Cost Of Arthroscopic Shoulder Surgery

Arthroscopic surgery is a minimal invasive surgery used for diagnostic and treating shoulder joint problems. In arthroscopic surgery the surgeon uses a tube shaped instrument called arthroscope, which he inserts in the joint space with a small incision, to correct and repair the shoulder joint.

Shoulder Surgery Cost

Open shoulder surgery is a conventional procedure, conducted in severely damaged shoulder joint which is not operable with arthroscopic closed surgery. The incision is large, and the surgeon has direct access to the joint tissue. Chances of scarring, infection are relatively high; the healing period in open shoulder surgery is longer. Despite the risks post operative results in open surgery are better.  The cost may range between10, 000 $ to 20,000 $.

Some of the conditions requiring shoulder joint surgery are rotator cuff tear, and repeated shoulder dislocation.

Surgeons will try other options such as steroidal injections in the joint of the troubled shoulder, physiotherapy and advice to eliminate certain work such as swimming, weight lifting etc.

Surgery will be the last options in certain conditions.

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