Multiple Myeloma Cancer: Life Expectancy, Treatments And Causes

What is Multiple Myeloma Cancer

Multiple myeloma cancer affects the plasma cells located in the bone marrow. Plasma cells belong to the group of white blood corpuscles that are involved in formation of antibodies essential for the effective functioning of the immune system of the body. These cancer cells also referred to as myeloma cells multiply rapidly and tend to get accumulated in the bone marrow causing damage to the bone tissue.

Causes of Multiple Myeloma Cancer

Unfortunately the underlying cause of multiple myeloma cancer remains unknown, however studies have indicated that the following risk factors are associated with increase possibility of developing the condition,

  1. Genetic factors: The risk of developing the condition is high among close relatives of individuals who suffer from the disease.
    The risk is also high in certain races including African Americans and is the lowest among Asians
  2. Age and Sex: The condition affects individuals over the age of 65 years with an increased possibility of males suffering from the condition
  3. MGUS: In individuals suffering from Monocolonal Gammopathy of Underdetermined Significance, the development of this condition is high. MGUS itself is a benign condition and poses no significant threat to health.

Multiple Myeloma Cancer Life Expectancy

Various statistics are suggestive that the average period of survival after the onset of the condition ranges between 21/2 years to 3 years, in case of patients opting for conventional cancer treatment.

The life expectancy increases in case of bone marrow transplants or other advance treatments

Multiple Myeloma Cancer Treatment

There is no standard protocol for the treatment of multiple myeloma and the treatment depends upon the severity of the condition. In addition to prescription of certain drugs to provide symptomatic relief, chemotherapy, radiation therapy and corticosteroids are prescribed. Bone marrow transplant is also an alternative treatment option.

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