Low Lymphocytes In Blood: Causes And Treatment For Low Lymph Levels

Low Lymphocytes Levels in Blood

Lymphocytes protect the body against bacterial, fungal and viral infections. A healthy lymphocyte count is very essential for a healthy body. The normal lymphocyte range is 1000 – 4800.

Low Lymphocytes Count Causes

  • Inadequate functioning or impaired functioning of the bone marrow is an important cause. The bone marrow produces the WBCs, hence the count gates affected.
  • In aplastic anemia, the bone marrow fails to synthesize adequate number of new cells
  • Bacterial / viral infections may also reduce lymphocyte levels
  • Immune deficiency disorders like hepatitis, AIDS, T.B., typhoid, etc cause reduced lymphocytes.
  • Autoimmune diseases and neurological diseases may lower the lymphocyte count.
  • Certain drugs / therapies, like steroids or chemotherapy for cancer management, cause a reduction in the lymphocyte levels in the body.
  • When lymphocytes get caught in the lymph nodes or the spleen, there occurs a diminution in the count.

Low Lymphocytes Levels Treatment

Once the condition is diagnosed, the doctor ascertains the exact cause. A low lymphocyte count is found out via a blood test, physical examination, and case taking.

The treatment for low lymph levels depends on the cause of the reduction in the levels. It is very crucial that the physician determines the precise cause for the drop.

Then, he will start the most suitable treatment to manage the condition.

Medications are given to boost the immune functioning and enhance the synthesis of the cells. Alongside, diet and exercise play a vital role in the management.

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