L Carnitine Deficiency: Symptoms, Side Effects Of Low L Carnitine Levels

L Carnitine Deficiency Symptoms

L-carnitine is an amino acid that is extremely vital for the conversion of fat in to energy, which is critical for body functions. The amino acid is synthesized by the body in the kidneys and the livers and is stored in skeletal muscles, cardiac muscles, the brain and sperms.

Normally, the body synthesizes all the carnitine it needs, but some people may still suffer from its deficiency. This can result in abnormal fat metabolism in the body. Carnitine deficiency is attributed to poor cardiac functions or some medications or inappropriate diet.

Carnitine has been efficiently used in the management of various conditions include diabetic neuropathy, cardiac conditions like angina or cardiac failure, weight loss, peripheral vascular disease, Alzheimer’s disease, hyperthyroidism, male infertility and chronic fatigue syndrome.

Low L Carnitine Level Side Effects

Deficiency of L carnitine can exacerbate some of these conditions and is primarily responsible for obesity and increased risk of developing diabetes.

Carnitine Deficiency Syndrome

There are two types of carnitine deficiency syndrome, which may present with similar symptoms. The first is due to genetic cause and is referred to as primary carnitine deficiency. It is observed among children and is lethal if not treated spontaneously.

Primary carnitine deficiency is very rare. Secondary carnitine deficiency is acquired and is more common in occurrence. Some experts argue that secondary carnitine deficiency is observed in individuals on a strict vegetarian diet, though there is little scientific information to back these findings.

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