Kidney Pain After Drinking Alcohol: Effect Of Alcohol On Kidneys

There are many reasons for kidney pain. Kidney pain is most common symptom you come across when you suffer from kidney stone. Kidney pain is situated in the flanks or in the middle of the back. It generally radiates to the lower abdomen.

Kidney Pain After Drinking Alcohol

Pain caused due to kidney stone is sharp, cutting and spasmodic in nature. In some instances it travels lower down the pelvis and till the scrotum in male and labia in females.

Kidney pain after drinking alcohol indicates that the toxin built up in your body has dramatically increased.

Effect Of Alcohol On Kidneys

Alcohol acts as a diuretic and it forces the kidney to produce more urine. If there is some kind of obstruction in the kidney or ureter or bladder such as a kidney stone, the rapid flow might cause the movement of the stone in the kidney and this may give rise to kidney pain.

If the renal pelvis decompensate due to high rate of urine flow, as in case of alcohol consumption, it can give rise to severe abdominal pain. No sooner the urine is drained out the pain subsides.

Alcohol And Kidney Pain

Any kidney problem triggered by drinking excessive alcohol is bound to worsen with time. And kidney pain is one such symptom you will come across after drinking alcohol.

Therefore from the above facts it can be concluded that excessive alcohol consumption can affect kidney profoundly in its function to maintain electrolyte balance, acid base balance etc. It leaves the alcoholics vulnerable to host of kidney related health problems.