Kidney Dialysis Side Effects | Peritoneal Dialysis Infection

Like any filters, kidney also act as our body filter. The waste products of metabolism of our body are excreted through kidney.  Around 210 quarts of blood is processed daily through the kidney to remove body waste and extra water. If in any case, kidney gets impaired and stops its function, the waste material starts accumulating in the blood giving rise to various complications which may turn fatal if not treated in time.

Kidney Dialysis Side Effects

Kidney dialysis is a major breakthrough in modern times, it is an artificial procedure which takes over the function of kidney and filters the blood to remove body wastes.

There are 2 type of dialysis, hemodialysis and peritoneal dialysis. The equipment required for blood dialysis is called dilyzer.

With benefits of kidney dialysis, one should also know the side effects of kidney dialysis:

Hemodialysis Side Effects And Peritoneal Dialysis Infection

Side effects will depend on individual person bearing the load of dialysis treatment.

  • Low blood pressure during hemodialysis is commonly observed side effect, besides this cramps in calf muscles, with intolerable itching is also present in patients undergoing kidney dialysis.
  • Hepatitis B infection is common in patients undergoing treatment for kidney dialysis.
  • Infection at the site of tube with blood clotting can also occur in a regular kidney dialysis patient, having kidney failure.
  • Infection should be prevented in peritoneal dialysis as it is more common compared to blood dialysis.
  • Hernia is observed in patients undergoing peritoneal dialysis.

The side effects of kidney dialysis can be prevented to a large extent, if proper hygienic care is taken.

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