How To Cure Queasy Stomach: Causes, Symptoms Of Stomach Queasiness

Stomach Queasiness Remedy

Queasy stomach is an upset feeling of heaviness in the pit of your belly. There are several ways on how to cure queasy stomach. Some of these are the following.

  • What most people often do for queasy stomach remedy is to sit or lay down in a flat stomach form.
  • Eliminate waste by going to the toilet and empty your bowel. The waste that is in your stomach might be the cause of the unsettling feeling.
  • Much fluid is necessary to keep your stomach clean.
  • Drink ginger ale, club soda, or flat coke to ease queasiness.
  • Eating a piece of bread or salty flavored crackers can ease the feeling. Sucking on a slice of lemon can be beneficial too.
  • If serious problem persists, report immediately to the doctor.

Causes, Symptoms of Queasy Stomach

Stomach queasiness causes are mostly the consequences of your lifestyle. As a result of these causes, the following symptoms may manifest.

Although one of the queasy stomach symptoms is pregnancy, among others are:

  • Dysmotility. This is a feeling of being full and a heavy bloated stomach.
  • Nausea is commonly caused by a number of serious problems like food poisoning, bulimia, diabetes, gastroenteritis, and other queasy stomach related problems.
  • Indigestion or dyspepsia takes place when there is difficulty in digesting foods after eating, oftentimes resulting to belching, heartburn, or queasy stomach.
  • Excess secretion of acids in the stomach can cause queasiness and also heartburn.