Ferritin Deficiency Symptoms: Treatment For Deficiency Of Ferritin

Ferritin is one of the blood components; it is a protein where iron is stored. People having low ferritin level will also have low iron and they will suffer from iron deficiency anemia. This iron containing protein complex is found in liver, spleen and mucous membrane of intestine.

Causes Of Ferritin Deficiency

Causes of deficiency of ferritin include bleeding from the internal organs, heavy menstrual flow in woman can be a reason for low ferritin level, and dietary deficiency of other essential nutrition can also be a reason for low ferritin level.

Ferritin level can be estimated by laboratory blood examination.

Ferritin Deficiency Symptoms

When ferritin level in blood decreases, our body will not be able to hold iron and the result will be iron deficiency anemia. Following are the symptoms of ferritin deficiency:

  • A general running down and tiredness.
  • Pale complexion.
  • Extreme prostration with minimum physical work.
  • Hair fall and premature baldness is a ferritin deficiency symptom, as ferritin which is present in hair follicle gets depleted due to overall deficiency of ferritin in the body.
  • Ferritin deficiency can be a cause of low thyroid function causing hypothyroidism.
  • Brittle nails are due to iron deficiency anemia, which occurs due to ferritin deficiency.
  • Breathlessness after doing simple work.

Ferritin Deficiency Treatment

  • As ferritin deficiency leads to consequent iron deficiency and symptoms of iron deficiency, adequate iron intake is necessary to reduce the symptoms.
  • Eating food rich in iron regularly and keeping the gastrointestinal tract healthy is the safest and potent method of preventing ferritin deficiency.
  • The best source of iron is green leafy vegetable, fish, egg, cereals, pulses and legumes and dried fruits.
  • Supplementary iron may also reduce ferritin deficiency, but it should be taken only after consulting your doctor as the dose of iron intake may vary from one individual to another.