Factor Viii Deficiency: Symptoms and Treatment for Factor 7 Deficiency

Factor 8 Deficiency Symptoms

Of the various factors in normal plasma clotting mechanism, the most important form, from the clinical point is antihemophilic factor or factor viii, a deficiency of factor 8 leads to hemophilia. This factor is normally present in the protein factor in the plasma.

Hemophilia is a hereditary disorder of blood coagulation. In this disorder the person has the tendency of lifelong bleeding problem and prolonged coagulation time. 1 in 5000 persons suffers from this disorder in America.

Clinical features:

The bleeding tendency is not apparent at birth, but it is usually noticed within first three years.

Hemorrhage occurs from nose, mouth, alimentary tract, subcutaneous tissue and joints, or after extraction of teeth, tonsillectomy. The characteristic of hemophilia is, the bleeding is not continuous but it is persistent, the total loss of blood may be serious.

Joint become the seat of bleeding in moderate and severe cases. This leads to swelling and pain in the joints. There is permanent damage with ankylosis, contracture and muscle wasting. In some cases bleeding may occur in central nervous system. Anemia may be present.

The disease is more serious in childhood and adolescence, but as the child grows the severity tends to reduce.

Death is due to severe uncontrolled blood loss or bleeding into vital organs.

Factor 8 Deficiency Diagnosis, Treatment

History of bleeding from early life, family history of bleeding and nature of blood loss should suggest the possibility of hemophilia or factor viii deficiency.

The clotting time is prolonged. Activated partial thromboplastin time (APTT) is prolonged normal. Factor viii can be assayed and can establish the diagnosis, asses its severity and help in treating the condition. In an acute episode of bleeding in a factor viii deficiency patient, prompt administration of factor viii concentrate, or freeze dried frozen plasma. Even for a trivial surgical tooth extraction, patient of factor viii deficiency is to be given fresh plasma before and after the operation. Local measures for small injuries consist of application of dressings soaked in substance designed to promote haemostasis. Soluble dressing such as gelatin sponge, oxidized cellulose or fibrin foam is useful. A joint which is bleeding should be applied with cold packs.

Prophylaxis: hemophilic men, their sisters and their daughters should be strongly advised not to have children.

They should avoid trauma to limit the risk of bleeding.

Tooth hygiene and regular tooth supervision is necessary as a prophylaxis against tooth extraction.

Factor 7 Deficiency Treatment, Symptoms

Factor 7 deficiency is a rare autosomal recessive disorder. The episode of bleeding can occur from time to time. The prothrombin time (PT) is prolonged, but activated partial prothrombin time (APTT) is normal. Treatment is with fresh or stored plasma.

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