Cholesterol Deficiency: Symptoms And Effects of Lack of Cholesterol

Lack of Cholesterol Symptoms

Cholesterol is essential for normal functioning of the human body as per the National Institute of Health. Cholesterol is an integral part of membrane structure and is used to synthesize steroid hormones. The brain has the highest concentration of cholesterol in the body and cholesterol is essential for growth and development of the brain.

Deficiency of cholesterol is associated with a wide range of psycho-stomatic disturbances in the body.

Cholesterol Deficiency Symptoms

As per the American Society of Clinical Investigation, cholesterol deficiency has been associated with Smith-Lemli-Opitz Syndrome which is characterized by a small head and associated with severe mental retardation.

Several research studies have indicated that low levels of cholesterol have been associated with increased risk of hemorrhage in the brain, especially among men. Further as per the American Heart Association, low levels of cholesterol increases the risk of developing stroke. Further, in females, low levels of cholesterol have been associated with high risk of premature delivery and low birth weight babies.

Cholesterol Deficiency Diseases

Low levels of cholesterol have also been linked with emotional distress. As per various studies published in psychiatric journals, low levels of cholesterol have been found to be closely linked to depression and increased risk of suicide.

Evidence from the United States has been suggestive of low levels of cholesterol being closely linked with destructive and aggressive behavior. Individuals with low levels of cholesterol have been found to have problems in controlling impulsive behavior.

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