Burning Sensation In Hands: Causes Of Burning Hands Sensation

Many people experience burning sensation in hands and fingers, there are varied causes for burning hands sensation. In some cases burning is felt in the fingers while few other people complain burning all over the hand.

Symptoms Of Burning Sensation

Symptoms of burning sensation in hands, as the name suggests, the first and important symptom is a feeling of burning in hands, palm, and finger. Redness and difficult movement of hand is another symptom which is present in many persons who have burning hand sensation. Swelling may also be associated with burning sensation.

Causes Of Burning Sensation In Hands

  • Herpes infection: Pain and burning sensation is first felt in herpes joster infection in hands. Blisters will erupt 1 to 2 days after burning pain.
  • Carpel tunnel syndrome: in this condition, the median nerve is compressed at the wrist joint which gives burning pain and swelling of fingers.
  • Any infection or bug bite can also give rise to burning sensation in hands.
  • Cervical spondylosis is a condition where the nerves are pinched between the cervical vertebras.
    Nerves supplying hands are affected in this condition causing burning sensation. There may be associated neck pain.
  • Vitamin B-complex deficiency can be a cause of burning sensation in hands. Especially vitamin B12 and B6.

Hands Burning Sensation Causes

  • Patients suffering from diabetes often complain of burning sensation in limbs. The condition is called diabetic neuropathy.
  • Skin diseases such as psoriasis, eczema and dermatitis in hand can cause burning sensation.
  • Anxious and depressed persons may complain of burning sensation in hands with no obvious organic cause.

Various investigative techniques resourced to determine the cause of burning sensation in hands are: X-ray of cervical spine, MRI of cervical spine, EMG, and blood examination.