Bug Bite Identification: Symptoms And Home Remedy For Insect Bite

In day to day life you may come across many bugs and it would be hardly possible to remain protected by a bug bite. The common bugs which you come across are mosquitoes, bed bugs, bee or wasp or ticks if you have pets.

Bug Bite Identification

While in most instances of bug bite, there may be mild irritation of skin with itching and pain at the site of the bite, other bites may have dire consequences if the insect carries virus like in case of malaria and yellow fever.

The other repercussion from bug bite is an allergic reaction which can be ranging from itching, inflammation to serious illness such as difficulty in breathing or swelling of face and lips and the oral cavity.

Anaphylaxis is a severe reaction to the bite which may prove fatal in some instances, if treatment is not met in time.

Symptoms Of Bug Bites

Identification of bug and insect bites:

  • Bed bug: rash with large wheel in a row, itching may be after one hour, rash may be accompanied by blisters and bumps.
  • Mosquito bites: itching and rash at the site immediately after the bite. You may feel mild pricking sensation at the time of bite.
  • Bee sting: you may notice a stringer at the site of the bite, beside burning pain and swelling.
  • Tick bite: causes lump at the site of bite and borrow under the skin.

Home Remedy For Insect Or Bug Bite

  • Wash the area with soap and water.
  • In case of bee sting scrape the stringer with a sharp object, but do not pluck it with tweezers as you may introduce the remaining venom in the body by pressing the stringer.
  • Spider bites apply corn starch paste, except black widow spider or brown recluse, where emergency medical attention is imperative.
  • For mosquito bite apply diluted lime juice.
  • Apply paste made from mixing baking soda and water in many bug bites where the bug is not identified.