Antithrombin III Deficiency: Treatment, Symptoms For Low Antithrombin 3


The symptoms associated with the deficiency of Anti thrombin 3 generally depend upon the location of the blood clot and the extent of obstruction caused by it. The symptoms include,

  1. Severe leg pain aggravated to increased movement with swelling in the lower extremities.
  2. Angina or chest pain in cases when the blood clot gets logged into the vascular system of the heart.
  3. Breathlessness and chest pain in cases when the blood clot obstructs the pulmonary vascular system due to deficiency
  4. Impaired vision especially when blood clots affect the retinal blood vessels
  5. Occasionally blood clots in the blood circulation to the brain might result in stroke or paralysis, depending upon the part of the brain that is affected

Cure for Antithrombin3 Shortage


Anti thrombin iii deficiency alters the normal bleeding time and clotting time in patients.

The normal coagulation time is about 5-15 minutes. If coagulation happens quicker, it is an indication of the deficiency of anti thrombin iii. To confirm an anti-thrombin test is performed which is followed by antithrombin antigen test, if required.

Antithrombin 3 (III) Deficiency Treatment

Under normal conditions, when an individual bleeds, the homeostasis system in the body is activated and results in the formation of blood clots, which prevents further loss of blood. This system is activated only when there is bleeding or loss of blood through the vascular system.

In patients suffering from Anti-thrombin iii deficiency, the homeostatic system functions abnormally, and results in the formation of blood clots, even without any disruption in the vascular system.

These blood clots formed within the vascular system tend to obstruct the normal flow of blood the various organs in the body, which in turn, can result in damage and ischemia of the affected organ.

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