Water Infection Symptoms: Causes And Natural Treatment For UTI

Causes of Water Infection In Men And Women

Aside from dehydration, there are a few additional causes that make women more prone to water infection or UTI.

  • As the female urethra is short, therefore the bacteria has easier access to the bladder. Pregnancy and changes in hormone levels can precipitate a bladder infection.
  • Multiple sex partners and frequent sexual conduct can cause more and more germs enter into the bladder.
  • Contraceptive, like diaphragms can accumulate bacteria in the vagina and spread to the whole urinary tract.

Enlarged prostrate can be a main cause of water or bladder infection in men.

The prostrate is actually situated around the bottom of the urine reservoir. Dehydration can also play a part in bladder infections in men.

Water Infection Symptoms in Men And Women

  • Otherwise known as a urinary tract or bladder infection, men suffer these painful infections too. It is true that men get them less than women because the urethra is longer.
  • Symptoms are similar for males. Burning on urination, pelvic pain, urgency, decreases output, and dark urine are among the top symptoms.

The same water infection symptoms in women occur as in men. The urine output will be low, burning sensations occur when voiding, and there can be severe pain in the pelvic region.

Natural Treatment For Water Infection Or UTI

  • First and foremost, drink plenty of water each day. It will assist in cleaning toxins out of the body regularly to avoid build up.
  • Cranberry juice functions as a natural anti infective and urinary antiseptic. Drink it daily to prevent infections.
  • Certainly eating yogurt daily helps increase the number of good bacteria inside the body for a quicker recovery.
  • Avoid multiple sex partners. Urinate before sexual activity to discharge any bacteria from the opening. This will prevent germs from being pushed into the urinary tract during sex.
  • Active culture yogurt douches and medicated tampons can kill germs directly.