Threadworms in Adults: Recurring Pinworm Symptoms, Treatment, Causes

Symptoms of Threadworms in Adults

  • Mostly, threadworms, or pin worms, effect children, but adults are not immune. It is most likely that an adult gets threadworms from an infested child.
  • They can live in the intestines for a month and a half, but the eggs can live outside the body for about 14 days.
  • The most common symptoms of pinworms in adults is itching around the anal opening and redness or irritation from scratching.
  • If there is a large infestation in the bowels, the stomach may get a bit upset, but it is rare.

Pinworms (Threadworms) Causes in Adults

  • Poor hygiene habits and less than adequate hand washing techniques can cause an adult to pick up pin worms.
  • It is most likely that an adult gets threadworms from an infested child. The eggs can be throughout the home on linens, clothing, and under children s fingernails.

Treatments of Threadworms in Adults

  • There are meds available in pharmacies that can destroy the worm, but they are not successful in getting rid of the eggs.
  • There are many natural ways to destroy this parasite with food and herbs.
  • Ground up coconut taken internally is effective if followed by a tablespoon of castor oil mixed in warm milk.
  • Garlic added to the diet in salads or salad dressings is a natural anti parasitic as well as an anti fungal. A few cloves chopped up daily and eaten should do the trick.
  • A handful of pumpkin seeds followed by a natural laxative like oil of flax help expel the parasites.
  • It is said that pumpkin tends to make the worm immobile, so the laxative then helps to lead them out of the body.
  • Cloves and sage are effective in killing parasites too.