Stomach Hurts After Eating: Causes of Stomach Pain After Eating

Stomach Pain After Eating Food

When your stomach starts to hurt after eating food, it certainly makes you conscious of some trouble in your abdomen. It is considered as nature’s signal indicating underlying disease.

Stomach pain after food is a subjective sensation of a noxious internal stimulus. Being a subjective phenomenon it is difficult to define and evaluate.

Stomach pain after eating can be caused by three ways:

  • Distension
  • Spasm of stomach muscles.
  • Inflammation of abdominal viscera.

Causes of Stomach Hurts After Eating

  • Acid peptic disease: it includes gastritis, peptic ulcer and gastric ulcer. In this disease, there is pain and burning below the breast bone or in the epigastrium.
    Sour regurgitation often accompanies with pain. The stomach hurts immediately after eating food, and is relieved with vomiting. There may be tenderness over the umbilical region. Diagnosis of this disease is confirmed by endoscopy and barium meal X-ray.
  • Over eating, eating lactose intolerant food such as fruit juice and sugar may hurt some people’s stomach and result into discomfort.
  • Pancreatitis: in this condition your stomach hurts after eating fried food and drinking alcohol. Symptoms include pain radiating to back and relieved on bending forward. Vomiting, fast pulse and perspiration out of proportion with low blood pressure is present in pancreatitis.
    Blood test of amylase and lipase with sonogram and C.T scan will confirm the diagnosis.
  • Stomach hurts after eating fatty food and heavy meals if there are stone in gall bladder. It is called billiary colic.
  • Bacterial and viral infection can hurt stomach after eating, spasm in intestine can result if there is amoebic infection. Diarrhea and vomiting occurs if the stomach gets hurt from these organisms.

Treatment for Stomach Hurts After Eating

  • Eat little less and do not overload your stomach. This will help to lessen the burden on your stomach.
  • Do not consume excess of dairy products and sugar containing food if you have lactose intolerance.
  • Eat fiber food in your diet, it will not allow constipation.
  • Eat less spicy food in case of acid peptic disorder. This will not hurt stomach after eat food.
  • If gas and acidity is the cause of hurting your stomach after food, eat1/4tsp asafetida powder after roasting and mixing it in yogurt will cure your pain. Applying Asafetida paste can also relieve the hurting stomach.
  • Eating Fennel seeds can also relieve stomach ache.

If after this home remedies if the stomach pain is not relieved, seek a medical opinion.