Scanty Urination: Home Remedies And Causes of Scanty Urination

Home Remedies for Scanty Urination

Scanty urination is a condition which may require an attention of a physician, if it persists for a duration of time in an individual. It is a relative term applied when urine is not passed in sufficient quantity, than it used to be in a normal individual.

Often patient will complain of passing scanty urine, with associated symptoms like burning in urine, pain in urine, dribbling urine, urine not coming out with force and the output of urine is less than the input. Edema in legs and face.

Causes of Scanty Urination

  • In dehydration caused due to diarrhea, burns and other conditions, doctors measure the output and input ratio, it gives them the idea of kidney function and kidney damage.
  • Acute kidney failure, there is scanty or complete stoppage of urination or anuria. This is a serious condition requiring urgent treatment.
  • Prostate enlargement in elderly persons.
  • Bladder inflammation c used due to bacterial infection.
  • Kidney and bladder stone causing obstruction in urinary flow.
  • Cardiac conditions, such as cardiac failure.

Treatment for Scanty Urination

It is necessary to diagnose the cause for scanty urination. Once the cause is known, it becomes easy to treat.

  • In case of dehydration, fluids in sufficient quantity will relieve scanty urination problem.
  • Cranberry juice will help in cases of kidney infection. Drink cranberry mixed in apple juice twice in a day.
  • Juice prepared from Indian gooseberry is a good diuretic; it helps people who suffer from scanty urination caused due to infection.
  • Watermelon juice and, when consumed helps the urine flow smoothly. 1 tsp of milk prepared from grinding the seeds of watermelon help in urine flow.
  • A simple home remedy from kitchen in eating banana, it allows the urine to flow in sufficient quantity.
  • Coconut water, sugarcane juice also helps the urine to flow smoothly. It solves the problem of scanty urination in a person.
  • A glassful of cucumber juice twice in a day will help the urine flow smoothly.


  1. MD said:

    What is the home remedy for frequent urination?

    August 20, 2014
    • PUP said:

      Frequent urination can be troublesome at times as it may keep the person awake even at night. Although the problem is more common in women, anyone can suffer from frequent urination. There are several causes of urgency as well as frequency of urination such as diabetes, cold climate, infection in urinary tract, strictures in bladder and urethra, cystocele, drinking excessive fluids, excessive tea, coffee and alcohol etc. Here are some of ways that you can follow to avoid frequency:
      • Avoid drinking tea and coffee in excess.
      • It is important to drink 8 glasses of water in a day for good health however you should not overdo it.
      • Certain foods can cause irritation in the bladder lining. Avoid such items such as excess of tomatoes, spicy food, chocolate, and foods that are known to be natural diuretic etc.
      • Kegel exercise helps to control frequency of urination in people suffering from cystocele.
      • Some foods are known to prevent frequent urination such as cherries, squash, bananas, potatoes, brown rice, barley etc. Incorporate them in your diet.
      • Some foods are known to irritate the bladder and accentuate urination. They are spicy food, strawberries, spinach, rhubarb, red meat, fermented products, baked food items etc. Reduce their quantity in your diet.

      August 22, 2014

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