Red Blotchy Rash On Face: Blotchy Rash On Face Remedies

Blotchy Rash On Face Causes

  • A red blotchy rash on the face can be the indication of a variety of illnesses.
  • First, you must consider what you may have come in contact with that may have caused it. It may easily be a food allergy, a drug allergy, a chemical reaction to an environmental exposure, or stress related.
  • Anxiety alone can be a precursor to many skin disorders.
  • Other causes of a red blotchy rash on face are more systemic reasons involving the immune system, as in lupus, or fungal involvement, such as that seen in psoriasis.
    Another cause could be an infectious process that is seen in meningitis.

Treatment And Remedies For Blotchy Rash On Face

  • Treatments for red blotchy rash on face will depend on the cause of the rash. To properly evaluate the cause, start with any new foods or medications you recently ingested. Rule out any possible chemical or environmental issues.
  • Take note of other symptoms that may occur with the rash, such as fever, pustules, spreading to other body parts. If these symptoms accompany your problem, see a medical professional for further testing.
  • Observe for any predominate patterns that the rash follows.
    An immunological disease, Lupus erythematis shows a butterfly shaped rash across the nose and extending over the cheek areas. Have this examined by a doctor for further testing.
  • Reduce stress in your life. Simplify and balance your lifestyle.

Red Blotchy Rash On Face

  • Chamomile is a natural herb that is proven to decrease anxiety, promote rest and clear skin eruptions. It comes in many forms. Tea can be taken internally. The chamomile ointments or creams can be applied to skin to soothe red, itchy skin.
  • Cool compresses can assist to decrease redness, inflammation and itching.
  • Oatmeal compresses are beneficial to dry, itchy skin as it assists in retaining moisture in the skin. They can be very refreshing.