Probiotic Acidophilus Side Effects: Probiotics And Digestive Health

Probiotics acidophilus are the natural bacteria present in our digestive system, they are supposed to be good bacteria which help the food to get digested, support the immune system and counter the balance of bad bacteria in the digestive tract.

Probiotic bacteria are found in yogurt in its natural form.

Side Effects Of Probiotic Acidophilus

Even though if probiotic bacteria are well known for its good quality, they too have side effects, this side effect may not be dangerous but certainly it is unpleasant.

Passing of gas, flatus, bloating of abdomen and cramps and pain in abdomen are the side effects caused due to disproportionate balance between the acidophilus probiotic bacteria and other bacteria.

Probiotics And Digestive Health

When probiotic bacteria digest the fibers it releases gas, they are hydrogen and methane. The gases are absorbed by other bacteria for their survival, but when probiotic bacteria increases in number than other bacteria, there is excess of gas which is released as flatus.

Probiotic Acidophilus Side Effects

Some time when the harmful bacteria die because of acidophilus bacteria, they release toxins in the system, these toxins may cause a skin reaction for a temporary period the condition is called herx reaction.

Flatulence, bloating of abdomen, pain in abdomen, and burning in vagina with diarrhea are some of the side effects which a person commonly come across when taking acidophilus probiotic bacteria.