Piles Precautions: Hemorrhoids Guidelines, Safety Measures

Precautions for Piles

Piles happen when the veins around the anus become swollen and inflamed. Also known as hemorrhoids, piles can be very painful and disrupt the body from doing its usual activities such as bowel movements, etc. Hence, to effectively cope with it, below are some precautions for piles:

  • Piles precautions include making sure your body has sufficient amount of water to easily lubricate stool and prevent irritation along the anus opening. Keep yourself hydrated every day by drinking lots of water.
  • You can also prevent piles by having the discipline to embowel when you have to.
    Do not build up waste inside your rectum as accumulated waste can strain the anus and potentially damage the surrounding membrane which can lead to piles.
  • Hygiene is most important. Keep your anus clean to avoid piles. Maintain a clean body and let it remove waste when it has to.

Hemorrhoids Guidelines, Safety Measures

  • Avoid irritation in the rectum by reducing or lessening your consumption of dairy products like milk and cheese. These food sources have lactic acid that can cause irritation.
  • Make sure that you eat fibre-rich food including yogurt, vegetables, cereals, and others.
  • Avoid sitting down for long hours.
  • Keep a stress-free life and avoid it in any way.
  • Regularly embowel.
  • Check your weight regularly to monitor if you are experiencing weight loss.
  • Avoid smoking.
  • Wear comfortable and loose clothes.
  • For a better metabolism, engage in regular exercise routine.