Partial Facial Paralysis: Causes And Treatment for Partial Facial Paralysis

Partial Facial Paralysis

Partial facial paralysis is a condition where one side of the face gets paralyzed. Usually the condition is of sudden occurrence, one fine morning when a person gets up he will notice in the mirror that his mouth angle is deviated, he is unable to close one eye, tears flow unchecked from his eyes. Later on he may notice dribbling of saliva from mouth.

These symptoms of partial facial paralysis are seen in condition called Bell’s palsy.

Facial nerve is 7th cranial nerve of twelve cranial nerves. Partial facial paralysis occurs when the facial nerve is damaged.

Partial Facial Paralysis Causes

  • Bells palsy
  • Although the etiology of bells palsy is not clear certain factors are held responsible to precipitate partial facial palsy this are:
  • Otitis media. This is infection in the ear canal.
  • Sudden exposure to cold.
  • Stress is also one factor for bells palsy.
  • Herpes simplex is one of the cause of partial facial paralysis.

Infections caused by tick bite can results into partial facial palsy. Few patients suffering from lyme disease can get partial facial paralysis.

Trauma on the head leading to damage to the facial nerve can result into partial facial paralysis.

Tumor of the facial nerve or tumor in the region of the facial nerve can cause damage to the facial nerve and cause facial paralysis.

Treatment of Partial Facial Paralysis

Treating the cause which has resulted in facial paralysis should be of prime importance.

For this purpose CT of brain is necessary investigation required.

Treating otitis media with anti inflammatory drugs and antibiotics will be recommended by the physician.

For bells palsy the treatment is more of physiotherapy. Ultrasound, short wave diathermy, and facial muscle exercise are advised by a physiotherapist.

As the eye lid is paralysed, patient should use eye protection shield while sleeping, it will protect the eye from injury and infection.

Patient suffering from Bells palsy is recovered completely after 3 to 6 months.