Make Adams Apple Smaller: How To Make Adam’s Apple Small, Shorter

Make Adams Apple Look Small

The Adam’s apple is an extra protrusion of cartilage on the throat of males. They are rather prominent in teenage boys because boys undergoing puberty are having growth spurts and so become rather thin. The Adam’s apple then sticks out more. And in the identity insecurity of teenage psychology, boys are trying to hide or diminish the appearance of their Adam’s apple. Here below are some tips:

How to Make Your Adams Apple Smaller

  • The quickest fix to hide a prominent Adam’s apple is by wearing turtleneck sweaters or hoodies, which will cover the throat.
  • If you are in warmer region, the better way to make your Adams apple smaller is to gain weight. However, no one wants to be fat, so once you’re satisfied with your Adam’s apple coverage, maintain that diet, and do workouts so that the fat you gained will be replaced with muscle.
  • Other guys have a trachea shave surgery to make their Adam’s apple smaller. This is easier to do in younger people, since the cartilage that protrudes is softer.
    The scar from this surgery fades completely in a little over two months, and the process is absolutely painless because anesthesia is used.
  • Stay confident. People who notice insecure persons will see the unattractive parts easily. If you’re self-assured in a nice way, your Adam’s apple won’t be noticed. Girls might even see more attractive aspects of you instead.
  • The truth is, you don’t really have to do anything. When you grow into your frame, your Adam’s apple will become less prominent. Younger men have not-so-solid Adam’s apples; as they age, it becomes more compact and therefore appear smaller.

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