Liver Pain: Causes, Symptoms And Treatment For Pain In Liver

Causes Of Liver Pain

  • The number one reason for liver pain is alcohol consumption.
  • There are so many other causes of liver pain but some of the most common include fatty liver, diabetes, liver infections like abscess of liver, cancer, toxins, drugs, congestive heart failure, or a spleen that is swollen or enlarged.

Symptoms of Liver Pain

  • Liver pain is located on the right side, directly under the ribs. Pain can be dull or sharp and may radiate to the back.
  • A skin rash is generally evident and there is extreme itching.
  • Dark pigment changes are evident symptoms of liver pain.
    They are commonly referred to as liver spots. There may be deep, dark discoloring around the eyes.
  • Jaundice can be seen in the whites of the eyes and in the skin tone.
  • There may be edema of the testes as well as a swollen belly.
  • Other symptoms can be painful coughing, and dyspnea, or difficulty in breathing. Breathing problems occur because the swollen abdomen is pushing on the diaphragm.
  • Adequate water is needed daily to help flush toxins out. A diet  with limited protein and vitamin A supplements are recommended for liver discomforts.
  • Too much protein builds up an overload of ammonia in the body.

Treatment For Pain In Liver

  • A very important treatment for this condition is to stay away from alcohol.
  • Anyone with liver pain or disease should never take acetaminophen. It is extremely toxic to liver.
  • Herbal detoxification of the body is helpful to remove wastes and toxins when the liver is not functioning properly.
  • Keep the environment as clean as possible. Good personal hygiene must be maintained to avoid bacteria or infections.
  • As the liver is an important organ, keeping it healthy is very important.