Itchy Toes Symptoms: Treatment And Remedy For Red Itchy Feet

Itchy toes are more common in persons who sweat a lot, especially in their foot region. It is due to fungal infection of the skin on the feet. It is more common in hot humid weather and is found more in men and is usually persistent. It is common when your foot is covered with shoes and socks for a long time or wearing synthetic socks.

Symptoms Of Itchy Toes

  • Presence of sweat and moisture in foot and toes.
  • Soles and sides of the feet itch, redden, scale and tiny blisters start appearing.
  • Skin between the toes start scaling and peeling.
  • In severe cases, the skin between the toes become soft, cracks and is painful.
  • Secondary infection in some cases.

Remedies For Red Itchy Toes Treatment

  • If itchy toes are due to excessive sweating in that area, use of talcum powder or an anti fungal powder will relieve itching.
  • Red itchy toe can be caused by tinea pedis a fungal infection; it is also referred to as athlete’s foot. The fungal infection can be transmitted while walking bare foot on a gym floor, in a public shower or by wearing infected shoes. The treatment for athlete’s foot and toe is application of anti fungal cream or lotion, or tea tree oil, or placing crushed raw garlic on the affected area.
    Prevent it by wearing dry socks, keeping the area dry.
  • Keep the toes and foot dry, wash your foot at least twice in a day.
  • If it is not possible to abandon shoe and socks, you should wear cotton socks, and a well fitting shoe. Let the air circulate in and around your feet.
  • Allow your feet to breathe by wearing well-ventilated shoes. Wear socks that keep moisture away and change them regularly.
  • Wipe your feet dry (especially between the toes) after washing them with soap and water. Then apply anti-fungal foot powder or lotion.
  • Whenever possible go barefoot or wear sandals.