How To Stop Drooling During Sleep: Causes of Drooling At Night

How to Stop Drooling During Sleep

Drooling is the accumulation of saliva in your mouth, eventually pouring down your lips, and slipping down your chick, making a little puddle in your pillow. Drooling happens unconsciously while sleeping. The mouth is open probably to get some air because your body may need more oxygen, and the saliva that pools in your mouth goes adrift.

To some, drooling is embarrassing, so they find ways on how to stop drooling at night. You can opt to try the following:

  • You can restrain your drooling by altering your sleeping position.
    You can sleep on your back to avoid your saliva from slipping. Sideways position in sleeping tends your mouth to open causing you to drool.
  • To stop drooling at night, one must consult the doctor to know what causes it. Drooling happens because of a constantly opened mouth when asleep. For so doing, you must be breathing through mouth, instead of through your nose. This can be a sign of any respiratory disorder. Follow the doctor’s recommendation to stop drooling during sleep.
  • Pay close attention to your manner of breathing, and anytime you notice that you are breathing through your mouth, force yourself to close your mouth and breathe through your nose.
    Eventually, you will develop breathing using your nose.

Causes of Drooling During Sleep

To stop drooling, recognizing the cause beforehand is important. Some of the causes of drooling are the following:

  • Dry mouth stimulates excess production of saliva causing it to overflow.
  • There are drugs that have side effects that disrupt the gland to produce saliva.
  • The person’s production of saliva is very much affected by the infections of the teeth or gums.
  • A person might have abnormal structure of the mouth, like having too large tongue, tightly arranged teeth, or enlargement of lymph glands.

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  1. NA said:

    Just recently, I have been dribbling in my sleep and this goes onto my lips and now my lips have slight cuts in them and are so sore and even if I put medicine in during the day .. I dribble again in the night so it doesn’t help. I can’t go to the doctor because there is none near by… I’m sleeping on my back but somehow during the night I turn over.
    Please help my lips are so sore and cracked…Thanks xx

    February 10, 2011

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