How Many Hours Between Meals: How Long To Wait Between Meals


How long I should wait between 2 meals? Is taking food at 2 hour intervals better or having 4 meals a day a healthier choice? I am not suffering from  Blood Pressure or Diabetes. Can you tell me how many hours between meals and what meal frequency is good for a healthy body?


Doctors and dietitians generally recommend at least three large meals and three small meals in a day. The time interval between each feeding will be generally 2 to 3 three hours. One reason for this is that there will be no hunger pangs, and the food you eat will be in lesser quantity than when you keep a gap of 8 or ten hours between your meals.

 This will also depend at what time you wakeup, eat lunch and sleep at night. You will have to adjust your diet plan accordingly.

How Long To Wait Between Meals?

Eating small portions frequently will keep the sugar level normal all the time. This frequent meal also keeps the metabolism high and does not allow much time between meals for inactivity.

Eating right food is also an important aspect of maintaining good health. Foods which are high in carbohydrates must be avoided. White bread, white pasta, cheese, oily and fried food should be avoided. Keep away from sweets, colas and candies.

What To Eat Between Meals?

Salads such as tomatoes, cucumber, sprouted beans and vegetables should be eaten liberally. These not only fill up your stomach but also contain vitamins and minerals which are necessary for the body.