Benefits Of Enema: Health Benefits And Advantages Of Enemas

Advantages of Enema

  • Enemas are used since ages, since medieval times it was used to treat many conditions as people relied on the benefits of enema.
  • Enema is cleaning of colon by passing liquid through the anal canal and into the colon.
  • Enemas can clean the toxins present in the colon and cure constipation by flushing out the impacted fecal matter in the colon.
  • Colon cleaning by enema is scientifically not proved to benefit the body, but experience of people using enema favor its use.
  • Enemas are often used to clean colon prior to abdominal surgery.
  • Enemas are of many type, plain water enema, enema with coffee, yogurt enema or urine enema.

Health Benefits Of Enema

  • Enemas help to improve the circulation by removing the toxins.
  • Enemas are believed to improve sexual vitality since ages.
  • Enemas build strong immune system.
  • Enemas help to regularize the bowel movements.
  • Enema benefits in acne problem and certain skin conditions like psoriasis and eczema.
  • Coffee enema benefits proper bile secretion and to remove liver toxins.
  • It is advisable to familiarize with the procedure of enema and the person taking enema for the first time should be guided by a health professional.