Green Mucus From Nose: Causes And Treatment Of Green Nasal Mucus

Thick green mucus from nose is a sign of sinus infection. Mucus secretion from nose is a physiological phenomenon which prevents the invading organism to enter the body.

Green Mucus From Nose

Usually the mucus secretion from nose is watery and colorless, greenish mucus secretion occurs when there is bacterial and viral infection of the sinuses.

The characteristic of green mucus from nose is thick and sticky; it is some time tinged with blood. Effort to remove green nasal mucus forcefully will cause bleeding from the nostril.

Causes Of Green Thick Mucus In Nose

When the virus infection sets in the color of the mucus for few days is white, but eventually after sinuses getting infected the color changes to green and yellow.

There is associated cough and nose block with thick green mucus from nose, it occurs when there is post nasal drip in the throat. This causes irritation in the throat and cough.

Dark Green Nasal Mucus Treatment

Treatment for green mucus from the nose:

  • Thick green mucus from nose is a result of viral infection, increasing body immunity will help to treat sinusitis and correspondingly its green mucus secretion.
  • A healthy nutritional diet with routine disciplined life style will certainly elevate body immune system.
  • Homeopathy works effectively in expelling green mucus from nose, infact in sinusitis. It also helps to increase immune level of an individual. Kali bich, ammon carb are few homeopathic drugs used frequently for green thick and sticky mucus from nose.
  • Other simple way to liquefy the thick green mucus from nose is steam inhalation. It will clear the nasal sinus, and facilitate in expelling the mucus.
  • Drink plenty of water when you suffer from sinusitis.

If there is fever with green nasal mucus, consult a medical professional.

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  1. SR said:

    I don’t have cold or any signs of flu, yet I suddenly noticed that my nose is always filled with sticky green mucus, in big clogs and very uncomfortable. My husband and child is also facing the same problem. We live in an air conditioned environment almost all the time because it is very hot in the summer.
    None of us is down with flu or cold yet we are facing the same issue. Could it be because of a virus in the air?

    July 27, 2012

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