Glass in Finger: How to Remove Broken Glass in Hand, Finger Bone

How to Remove Broken Glass in Finger

  • If the glass is visible and big enough, you can just carefully pluck it out with tweezers. Take the glass in finger carefully so as not leave anything behind and cause infection.
  • If the glass is small but protruding, get a bowl of warm water and dip your finger into it. Press the sides of the area where the sliver is lodged, then apply pressure on it. This will cause the broken glass in finger to slide out so you can easily remove it with tweezers.

Cracked Glass In Finger Bone, Hand

  • Put some glue on the finger with broken glass. Allow the glue to dry, then carefully peel off the glue. This will pull out the sliver immediately.
  • If the glass is visible but not protruding, you will need a needle to take the sliver out. Wash the area with antiseptic or alcohol, then stick the needle into the area where the glass is located then wedge the glass out.
  • Another way on how to remove cracked glass in hand or finger bone is through the use of sterilized blade.
    Place the blade over fire or wash it with alcohol to sterilize it, then make a small incision on the skin surface where the sliver is. When the glass is already exposed, carefully take it out with sterilized tweezers.
  • Avoid pinching the area where the broken glass is especially on the wrong sides to avoid having the glass pushed further way in.

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