Garlic For High Blood Pressure: How Much Garlic For High Blood Pressure

Garlic For High BP

Garlic’s health benefits are known since medieval time, ancient Greeks, Chinese and Japanese used to add garlic in their daily dietary food. It benefits almost all the organs of body from head to toe, garlic comes to help our system in natural way.

Of the several benefits of garlic, its use in controlling high blood pressure is very important. This ‘wonder drug’ has not remained in folklore, but in modern times has proven its efficiency by scientific and statistical data.

Researchers suggest garlic can control systolic as well as diastolic blood pressure, due to its property of reducing cholesterol level in blood.

Garlic can make the blood thin and decreases the chances of plaque formation.

Garlic contains Allicin and Diallyl sulphides. These are two main medicinal ingredients of garlic.  Studies show that the sulfur content in garlic has medicinal properties. Cooking has no effect on Garlic sulphides, therefore its potential power remains intact even after cooking.

A study has also shown that garlic has antioxidant properties, thereby helping to control hypertension by protecting the body against the damaging free radicals.

Garlic can be used in seasoning food, thus reducing extra salt in food preparations. More salt is harmful in patients suffering from high blood pressure, so garlic indirectly helps in reducing high blood pressure.

How Much Garlic for High Blood Pressure

Two cloves of garlic daily in raw form or in food preparation are beneficial in controlling high blood pressure.

Some people find it difficult to take raw garlic; they can substitute with garlic tablets and spansules available in stores. One garlic tablet daily is beneficial in controlling high blood pressure.

Saying all this, one should know that garlic is not a substitute for prescription drugs or life style changes, however it definitely complements in reducing high blood pressure together with regular life style changes and medication.

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