Fungus Between Toes: Treatment For Fungal Infection Between Toes

Fungal Infection Between Toes

Fungus infection can occur in any part of skin, when there is excess of moisture present in between the toes, it becomes the opportunistic site for fungus to grow. Fungus between toes is also known as tinea pedis or athletes foot.

Fungus spreads through direct contact with the skin surface having cuts and bruises, e.g. walking bare foot on the floor of swimming pool, common bathroom and wet places.

Treatment for Fungus Between Toes

  • Honey: honey has anti fungal property, apply honey in between the toe webs twice in a day regularly, you will observe substantial difference after applying honey for a week.
  • Apple cider vinegar: Apply apple cider vinegar in between the toe webs with the help of cotton ball, keep the soaked cotton ball for 10 to 20 minutes between the toes. Wash the toes and the foot with plain water. Dry the surface with a clean dry cloth. Now you can apply tea tree oil in between toes. Best time to do the procedure is 1 to 2 hour before sleeping.
  • You can apply paste made from baking powder and little quantity of water. Baking powder is a natural anti-fungal remedy.

Fungal Infection Between Toes Prevention

  • Change your socks regularly.
  • Keep your shoes dry from inside, sprinkle anti-fungal powder in the shoes when not in use.
  • Wear slippers when you walk on the floor of swimming pool or common bath facilities.

Keep the area between your toes dry by cleaning it regularly