What Is The Function Of Creatine: Benefit Of Creatine Phosphate

Question: What Is the Function of Creatine and Creatine Phosphate in human body?
Answer: Let us know what is creatine, because few people know about it and the function of creatine in our body.

What Is Creatine?

Creatine is an amino acid comprised of argentine, glycine and metionin. When the three get together in liver they form creatine.

Muscles are the main storage tissue of creatine

What Is Function Of Creatine  And Creatine Phosphate?

There is a compound called adenosine tri phosphate( ATP) in our body, and it’s main function is to provide energy when we need it such as while exercising, sports activity etc.

as ATP is limited in our body and is not formed quickly, ATP converts to ADP(adenosine di phosphate) and inorganic phophate when it is used as energy. This ADP as a byproduct has no use as an energy source, but when phosphorus combines with creatine stored in muscles it forms to creatine phosphate , this when combined with ADP results into formation of Adenosine tri phosphate.
Thus the cycle goes on and creatine phosphate allows the body to function to its maximum physical capacity.

    Creatine And Creatine Phosphate Benefit

    • Creatine draws water in the muscles thus making muscles to become fuller and enlarged.
    • Creatine has the role in protein synthesis and making muscles strong and enlarged
    • Creatine helps to prevent the pain in the muscles during a heavy workout. It slows down the lactic acid formation in the muscles which is responsible for soreness.

    Whenever you take creatine supplements drink plenty of water.

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