Finger Fungal Infection: Cure, Home Remedies for Finger Fungus Infection

Cure for Finger Fungal Infection

Finger fungal infection is commonly seen in ladies who work more in water or house wives. Finger fungal infection can be on the edges of finger or on the nails. Fungus thrives in moisture, as fingers remain more in water; they get a conducive environment to grow on the fingernails.

Fungal infection of nails is called onichomycosis. It makes the nails white or yellow or black in color. After some time nail loses its shine and ridges form on the nails. They become brittle and get parched easily.

This finger fungal nail infection is deep seated and takes time to heal. It may take as much as 6 months to a year after starting treatment.

The rest of the fungal infection of finger skin is similar to any other fungal infection.

Conventional therapy practitioner will advise you to apply anti-fungal lotion or ointment on the diseased nails and fingers.

Home Remedies for Finger Fungus Infection

  • Turmeric powder: make a paste of turmeric powder with water. Apply this paste on the affected finger and nails. Allow it to dry and then wash it off with plain water.
  • Keep your nails and finger dry. After working in water, dry your finger and nails with dry cloth.
  • Tea tree oil in finger fungus infection: due to its anti-fungal property, tea tree oil is a good home remedy to treat finger fungus infection. Dilute tea tree oil and apply the solution on the fingers and nails preferably at night while retiring to bed. You have to use it for a prolonged time for nail infection.
  • You can also apply apple cider vinegar on the nails and finger skin.
  • Application of alcohol also helps in finger fungus infection.


  1. rocio said:

    I have had this for at least 5 years. It started on the top of my foot and because it itch so badly I would scratch like crazy. It would then crack and bleed. after that I got similar symptoms on my fingers. And this was followed with scaly skin. This is very painful, what remedies are available for foot and hand fungus.

    August 31, 2010
  2. A N said:

    I have had it close to 8 months, itches like crazy it cracks, I went to a dermatologist and they said atopic, I know it is fungus, I use baby oil, is that bad mineral oil? Do you know any good moisturizers that absorbs well?

    December 5, 2010
  3. J O said:

    35 years on my feet, red cracks, then spread to my hands and could not move one of my fingers, went away after six months of clotrimazole ointment (2 xs per day) and an oral prescription designed for toenail fungus.

    January 6, 2011
  4. UM said:

    I have fungal infection in fingers and ears since one year. Day by day the problem is increasing. There is severe itching and oozing of fluid. I went to dermatologist but after few days of treatment the problem reappears. Is there any home remedy that may permanently cure it and what are the precautions to prevent recurrence?

    October 8, 2013
    • PUP said:

      Warmth, moisture, irritation, and chafing of skin all help fungi to proliferate. If the immune system is weak, the infection can be severe. The most common fungal infection is tinea and candidiasis. Tinea infection causes itching, redness and scaly patches on skin. Tea tree oil is natural antifungal agent. Mix with olive oil a drop of tea tree oil and apply it on affected finger and ear. Eat nutritious foods to boost your immunity. Keep your finger and ear dry. Do not share clothes and nail cutters. Check your blood sugar level. Avoid eating too much of sugar and sweets. Eat yogurt, you can also apply yogurt over the affected area.

      October 9, 2013
  5. HR said:

    Can you suggest home remedies for treating fungus infection in fingers?

    December 3, 2014
    • PUP said:

      Fungus infection in finger and toe webs is quiet common. It also affects the nails. Here are some important treatment tips:
      • Keep the web your fingers and toes dry.
      • Wear lose fitting shoes.
      • Wear cotton socks.
      • Apply tea tree oil on the affected area once in a day. See that the oil is diluted with carrier oil such as coconut oil.
      • Soak your toes and fingers in a bowl containing water mixed with one tsp of vinegar. Keep it for ten minutes and remove the affected part from the bowl. Allow it to dry.
      • Sprinkle anti fungal powder or apply anti fungal ointment between the fingers or toes wherever the infection is prevalent.

      December 4, 2014

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