False Labor Pains: True Labor Pain, What Do False Labor Pains Feel Like

False And True Labor Pain

When you approach your due date, you may experience the painless, few and distanced contractions, similar to, when you were getting during the course of pregnancy since fourth month. But the intensity, the rhythm, and the pain fool you to believe this to be true labor pains, when they are really false labor pain. In false labor there is no dilatation of cervix.

In false labor pain the contractions does not grow longer, stronger and frequent, as in case of true labor.

Difference Between False Labor and True Labor

Timing of contraction:

  • False labor- the time interval between two contractions is irregular.
  • True labor- they come at regular intervals and as the time goes by the contraction become more frequent and closer.

Movement relation:

  • False labor-contraction stops when you do activities, when you walk or change your position.
  • True labor- contraction continues even if there is movement or change of position.

Pain during contraction:

  • False labor pains- contraction are localized only in the abdomen and pelvic region.
  • True labor pains- contractions radiate from the back to the front of the abdomen and the pelvis.

Force of contractions:

  • False labor pain-They are comparatively weak. The intensity does not increase.
  • True labor pain-contractions increase in duration.

If you are not sure whether you are experiencing true labor or false labor pain, confirm it by visiting your obstetrician who will in right position to let you know.