Facial Boils: Home Remedies And Treatment for Boils on Face

Treatment for Facial Boils

Boils on face are generally seen in summer season when the temperature is hot and the patient perspires to its maximum. Sweat blocks the pores of the skin, and infective organisms take advantage of the situation to multiply and penetrate inside the skin causing pus and pain.

The common cause of facial boil is bacteria, especially staphylococcus bacteria.

When the immunity is at its low, bacteria attack the system causing different manifestation such as boil and abscess.

Staphylococcus bacteria is infectious, therefore common sharing of objects like towel, comb is best avoided.

Home Remedies for Facial Boils

  • Clean your face atleast twice in a day.
  • Apply juice of garlic and onion over the facial boil so it can ripe and break easily.
  • Make a paste of black cumin seeds; apply this paste on the facial boil. It helps the boil to get drained faster.
  • Ginger juice and turmeric powder paste can be applied to the boil. Turmeric powder having antibacterial property will act on the facial boil and speed up the healing process.
  • Apply warm compresses on the facial boil for few days until the boil erupts.
  • Vitamin and mineral should be taken in the form of fruits and vegetables and cereals in liberal quantity. They help the boil to heal easily.
  • Diabetic patient should control diabetes if they are suffering from facial boils.