Chafing Between Legs: How to Prevent And Stop Chafing Between Legs

How to Prevent Chafing Between Legs?

Chafing between legs can be attributed to a wide range of causes. Chafed skin appears in the form of red rash which is elevated and may be associated with blisters. Chafed skin results in pain with a typical sensation of burning. It is more common along with skin folds, especially between the legs.

In order to stop skin chafing here are a few tips on chafing treatment:

  • Always wear cotton clothing. Cotton clothing absorb moisture and sweat, unlike synthetic cloths, and thus reduces the severity of chafing.
    Ensure that your undergarments are not too tight, so as to allow the skin to breath easily
  • In order to prevent rubbing of the skin of the upper thighs, wear long pants instead of shorts or skirts.
  • One can use ointment like petroleum jelly or lotions to keep the skin hydrated and prevent friction. Consider using antifungal and antiseptic powders, especially, if the condition is aggravated
  • It is important to ensure, that the skin between the legs is as dry as possible.
    Ensure that you wash your cloths every day to avoid yeast infection.
  • Finally, chafing is more common in overweight and obese individuals. Try loosing some weight. In case the condition persists, visit your dermatologist to get a thorough evaluation of the condition.