Burning Sensation When Passing Stool: Burning Pain While Pooping

Burning Pain During Bowel Movement Causes

  • People suffering with irritable bowel syndrome and have frequent problems with diarrhea often complain of a burning sensation while passing stool.
  • The loose stools are irritating to the tender tissue of the rectum and anus.
  • If gall bladder issues are present, the yellowish bile excreted is like acid. It is severely irritating to the skin at the anal opening.
  • Hemorrhoids are a common cause of feeling a burning sensation when moving bowels.

Treatments of Burning Sensation When Pooping

  • For treatment of burning pain when pooping, make certain to use the softest toilet tissue possible. Follow up with a soothing wipe with aloe gel on it to remove any remnants of stool at the anus and promote healing of the irritated skin.
  • Baby’s natural diaper rash ointments help protect and heal excoriated areas quickly. Anything with zinc oxide in it will do the trick.
    Apply a very thin layer for maximum effectiveness.
  • Warm sitz baths help to remove residue from the rectal area and calm irritated tissues. A type of donut pillow to sit in will prevent pressure to the area till it heals.
  • Never use petroleum products in warm moist areas like the rectal area long term or in excessive amounts.
  • While they do offer a protective layer to the skin, moisture and bacteria can build up and create even more problems with yeast infections.
  • To prevent constipation and straining at stool, grind up some psyllium seeds and mix with flax seed and oat bran. Keeping the stools soft will prevent straining and tearing tissues that cause burning when trying to go to the bathroom.
  • Include fiber and leafy greens in your diet to facilitate passage of stool. Plenty of water helps too.