Burning Heels Causes: Treatment, Exercises For Burning Feet Sensation

The feet are a source of pain and discomfort to many human beings. Feet are at the bottom of pounds of weight and must withstand pressures of walking, running, or even standing in place. Our feet go through a lot of abuse.
If you are experiencing a burning or itching in the heel area, you may be suffering with a ligament issue called plantar fasciitis or Achilles tendon problems.
These two problems of feet and sole are among the main reasons for burning heels or itchy heels.

Causes Of Burning Feet Sensation

  • Over doing exercises or excessive running and jogging may initiate the problem.
    Being overweight or having extra weight during pregnancy can also contribute to the problem.
  • Diagnosis depends on where the pain originates and if it travels. The ligament in the plantar fasciitis diagnosis is literally torn away from the bone and muscle.
  • In Achilles tendon, the pain is toward the back of the heel and can cause radiating pain up the calf.
  • Both conditions can make your posture and the way you walk very awkward. Trying to adjust to the pain by altering your gait can cause the hips and back to be out of alignment.

Treatment For Burning Heels And Feet

  • Don’t overdo your workouts. Moderation is best. Too much force and constant pressure on body parts cause the body to breakdown.
  • Do not stand for long periods of time. Take frequent rest periods to rest your feet.
  • Ice compresses can ease pain and inflammation. A hot soak with apple cider vinegar can take inflammation down and help itching.
  • Exercising the ankle, heel, and calf can promote healing and help in reducing pain. Stiffness accelerates the discomfort.
  • Surgery is not advised for most types of heel problems. They seem to recover mostly from natural home remedies.

  • To strengthen the muscles on the soles of your feet, get a straight-backed chair and sit on it comfortably. Place your bare feet flat on the floor and draw your toes toward the floor. This will arch and lift your soles making your toes closer to your heels. Hold on to the position for a few seconds before releasing them. Make sure that your toes remain on the floor while doing the exercise.