Bilirubin Levels And Alcohol: Causes Of Elevated Bilirubin

Question: My SGPT and SGOT are normal. I take 2 pegs of alcohol daily. What is the cause of high bilirubin? I have no other symptoms. Can alcohol raise bilirubin levels in blood?
Answer: Regular consumption of alcohol will definitely affect liver in long term, liver damage can be ascertained by investigating liver enzymes. Too much consumption of alcohol over a prolonged period can lead to a condition where you ALT SGPT is high.

Bilirubin Levels And Alcohol

Bilirubin level in chronic alcoholics may be elevated if there is hepatitis. But simultaneously other enzymes like SGPT and SGOT also increase.

Causes Of Elevated Bilirubin

There are other causes apart from liver disease where serum bilirubin may be raised like gilbert disease, pancreatic malignancy, and some blood and spleen conditions.

Therefore it is difficult to conclude why only bilirubin has increased in your case, you may need further investigations

Take an expert opinion from a gastroenterologist regarding your problem.


  1. A M said:

    Hi, I was having intermittent pain in my left lower abdomen, my doctor suggested me to do a colonoscopy, in which nothing was found wrong. In my blood tests though, the LFT figures were:

    S.GOT – 43
    S.GPT – 58

    My doctor is of the opinion that high SGPT might be causing the pain in my left lower abdomen; he has prescribed me Heptral and Ursocol. Also I have been told to avoid alcohol. Please suggest as to if the diagnosis is proper and if my blood tests look alarming??

    November 5, 2010
  2. E L said:

    My bilirubin/serum/ is 36.80, normal range 1.72 – 17.1umol/l. Also ALT – 38, normal range 10- 35 U/l, Gamma Glutamil-40, normal range 5-36U/l.

    Also there are some higher levels in: White blood cell count-12.20/normal range3.5-11×10^9/l; monocytes1.18 /normal 0.2-0, 8×10^9/l

    Neurtrophils -9.41/normal 2.5-7.5×10^9/l/

    I have abdominal pain, started on 24 Dec as a gastric pain / ranitidin, then Nexium, 10 days, then omeprazole; from 16 Jan.

    Colofac / bloated stomach-swollen, gases. What about my condition- urgent need to go gastroenterologist or blocked bile ducts or cancer?

    February 2, 2011
    • PUP said:

      Considering your stomach pain and blood report it is very important to for you to consult a gastroenterologist. Abdominal pain can be due to many reasons; only after examination it is possible to find the cause. Your doctor may advise additional tests to determine the cause of abdominal pain.

      February 4, 2011
  3. L said:

    My friend’s bilurubin level is 2.2. He consumes more than 5 pegs (300 ml) of alcohol daily. can this level be controlled and what diet should be followed?

    February 12, 2012
    • TDR said:

      By any means, this much of alcohol daily is extremely harmful in the long run. His liver will give up at some point in time. He must immediately get his Liver Enzymes test (ALT, GGT, ALP, AST) done. If the GGT is above 100, and ALT is less than 80 and ALP is less than 200 he must immediately reduce your alcohol intake drastically or better yet, stop it completely. If the consumption continue uncontrolled, you may end up with a scarred liver (Cirrhosis) or a scarred liver. Too much billirubin will also turn the person skin and eyes yellowish, a jaundice symptom.

      February 13, 2012

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