Bile Duct Problems | Symptoms Of Bile Duct Problems

Question: Bile Duct Problems, Bile Duct Problems Symptoms, Common Bile Duct Problems.

Bile Duct Problems

Answer: Bile duct is a small passage that carries bile from gall bladder and liver to the small intestine.

Bile duct problems start when the flow of bile from the liver and the gall bladder is obstructed. The reason for this can be impacted small gall stone in the bile duct, this is an emergency situation and patient has to be hospitalized for its treatment.

Common Bile Duct Problems

Common bile duct problems: cancer of head of pancreas in its later stage obstructs the bile duct, giving rise to jaundice.

The out come of this disease is unfavorable.

Symptoms Of Bile Duct Problems

  • Jaundice: Due to obstruction in the bile duct, there is accumulation of bile, leading to accumulation of bilirubin in the blood. Bilirubin is a component of bile. Bilirubin gives yellow tinge. When bilirubin level increases in blood the skin, nails, sclera of the eyes and other mucus membrane become yellow. This is referred to as jaundice.
  • Urine becomes dark yellow.
  • Stool color becomes clay white as there is blockage in the bile duct.
  • Intense itching occurs as a result of deposition of bilirubin in the tissues.
  • Impaction of stone in common bile duct can cause intense pain in the abdomen. It can be confirmed with sonography of abdomen. Emergency medical care is required in such cases.