Health Benefits Of Plantain Herb: Medicinal Properties And Uses

The health benefits of plantain are known to mankind since centuries. The botanical name of plantain plant is plantago major. The plant has its origin in Europe and Asia. Now a days it grows all over the world. Plantain leaf should not be confused with bananas, as many people call banana as plantain.

In ancient days ointment prepared from plantain was used to heal wounds. Spider bites and bee stings are treated with plantain plant leaves; they help in removing the toxins and reduce the inflammation.

The major chemical composition of plantain consists of iridoid glycosides, tannin and mucilage.

The three act together, to alleviate irritation and facilitate expulsion of sputum easily. Plantain leaves are primarily used as medicines.

Medicinal Properties And Uses Of Plantain Herb

Since olden days plantain is used as haemostatic, diuretic and an astringent.

  • The poultice prepared from plantain leaves is used to treat insect bites, wound healing, rash from poison ivy, boils and sores. The poultice of plantain leaves when applied over the bee -sting reduces inflammation and burning sensation in minutes. It has amazing power to draw out poison from the bite. Plantain also relieves itching.
  • Internal use of plantain benefits in curing coughs and bronchial secretions.
    It can be used as syrup, tea and tincture form. Due to its demulcent properties, plantain soothes the mucus membrane of the respiratory tract. It is a natural home remedy to treat conditions such as sore throat, bronchitis, emphysema, cough etc.
  • Plantain is composed of Vitamin C, benzoic acid, oleanolic acid, salicylic acid, ursolic acid etc.
  • The astringent properties of plantain leaves help to reduce inflammation and soothe the mucus membrane.
  • Ointment made from young plantain leaves is used to heal wounds.
  • Plantain mouth rinse is used to treat mouth ulcers and sores.
  • Plantain as a diuretic can be used to remove the body toxins by increasing the frequency of urination.
  • It has the nutritional benefit because of its rich protein, vitamin and mineral contents.
  • Plantain has anti inflammatory properties and helps to resist development of tumor. It protects the liver in the patients taking chemotherapy.
  • Plantain leaves are also used as laxative.
  • The astringent properties of plantain help to constrict tissues. This quality is beneficial to alleviate symptoms of hemorrhoids; especially bleeding reduces or stops completely.
  • It becomes easy to draw out stuck splinter or thorn with the help of plantain leaf. You can prepare a poultice from plantain leaves for this purpose.

How To Use Plantain Leaves?

Plantain leaves can be utilized for internal as well as for external purpose. Internally they can be used in the form of tea or tincture. A poultice can be prepared from plantain leaves for external purpose. It is especially beneficial for treating stings and bites. Plantain leaves can be used as salves, compresses and even lotion can be prepared from plantain

There is no known side effect of plantain but pregnant women, lactating women should consult their health care practitioners before taking plantain preparations internally.

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