Recovery Time For Appendectomy: Post Appendectomy Recovery

Appendectomy Surgery Recovery

  • Once your surgery is complete you can expect to be in the hospital for at least a couple days. That will be determined by what method and procedure your surgeon preformed.
  • Laparoscopy methods of course are less traumatic; therefore the stay will be shorter. Surgical incisions will take more observation and care, so expect to stay up to a week.
  • After surgery when the typical recovery time begins, you can be sure they will have you up and walking around within a day.
  • This is very important to prevent pneumonia and blood clots.
    Your first meal will be liquids to make sure that everything wakes up after anesthesia.

Recovery Time For Appendectomy

  • You will be served juice, broth, and the famous hospital jello. Once you have passed urine and moved your bowels, it will be safe to move on to solid food.
  • The incision site will be monitored carefully for signs of redness or inflammation, which can alert the doctors to the possible complication of infection. The site will be watched for any signs of drainage.
  • The incision will be cleaned and the dressing will be changed as per doctor’s orders on a regular basis.
  • Barring any complications, you will go home to recuperate. Average recovery time for appendectomy is usually 2 to 4 weeks.

Post Appendectomy Recovery

  • You must continue to move around and ambulate when you get home. Staying in bed can have serious consequences and delay your healing.
  • The doctor will give you instructions on what you should and should not do. He will advice you on when you can resume normal activities and return to your job.
  • Appendectomy is a very simple and fast procedure and recovery is also fast. In no time at all you will be back to your normal self and going on with your life without any difficulty.

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