Anal Warts Symptoms, Treatment And Home Remedies For Anal Warts

Anal Warts Symptoms

Symptoms of anal warts include the following:

  • Small skin growths in the anal area
  • Moisture or discharge in the anus
  • Itching of the anus
  • Occasional bleeding around the anal area
  • Painless bumps
  • Gray in color
  • Generally looks like small cauliflower
  • Can also appear in other areas such as the penis or vagina, anal canal, scrotum and rectum

Are Anal Warts Contagious?

Yes, anal warts are contagious. A person who has sexual intercourse with an infected person has 60% chances of acquiring Human Papilloma Virus (HIV) or the virus that causes anal warts.

Treatment for Anal Warts

  • Application of chemical solutions such as bicholaretic acid to the affected area to exfoliate or peel down the warts.
    This process only takes a few minutes and is usually administered inside a physician’s office.
  • Another anal warts treatment is through cauterization. This is conducted by applying local anesthesia to the affected area, then the warts are burnt off.
  • It can also be done through surgical process. This is an option offered by specialists to clients who have several warts in different body areas.

Home Remedies For Anal Warts

  • While a person is still infected with anal warts, it is highly advisable for him to totally abstain from having sexual intercourse until the treatment is completed.
  • The current and even past sexual partners should also be advised to go through a medical checkup for safety precautions and to avoid transmitting the virus to other individuals.

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