24 Hour Bug: Symptoms, Remedies And Treatments for 24 Hour Bug

24 Hour Bug Symptoms

  • The 24 hour bug generally hits quickly and ends quickly. All of a sudden you feel achy, chilly, and the belly is upset. Most of the symptoms are related to the gastrointestinal tract.
  • Respiratory symptoms rarely occur with this temporary flu bug. Along with a low grade fever, you may feel fatigued and weak. There may be some nausea and vomiting. Diarrhea may be present.

24 Hour Bug Remedies and Treatment

  • The first order of business, and the main concern, for treatment of the 24 hour bug is to rest the belly. Don’t eat or drink anything for a few hours initially.
  • After this, take sips only, of clear liquids. Try water, fat free broth, ginger ale, or weak tea. Avoid dairy products. They are too difficult to digest on an irritated GI tract.
    Stick to basics.
  • Slowly add light foods that are bland. Crackers or dry toast should stay down. If the stomach can tolerate that for a few hours, try some jello.
  • Cool compresses may assist you to treat low fevers and general discomfort. Don’t take any medicines if you can avoid it. With such little food in your stomach, they may cause further stomach irritation.
  • Rest is the most effective remedy for 24 hour bug symptoms. Curl up with a good book or magazine you have been wanting to find time to read. Take cat naps and watch a marathon of your favorite show.
  • Slowly but surely, your energy will return and the nausea and general malaise will subside.
  • There should be no need for medical attention unless the symptoms persist or you develop any blood in vomitus or stool.
  • Nine chances out of ten, you will be back on your feet the following day, and feeling good as new.
  • Just bide the time and pamper yourself while you can.

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