Warm Ears: Causes, Home Remedies and Natural Treatment for Hot Ears

During a woman’s menopausal stage, hormones fluctuate to varied levels and can cause hot flash. Hot flash is usually accompanied with ears becoming very warm and red. This symptom is just a natural indication of the changes that women undergo when they age and warm ears are one of these symptoms.

Causes of Warm Ears

The following are some reasons to explain why warm ears occur to some individuals:

  • Red and hot ears are oftentimes the result of blood flowing to the ear, which indicates the dysfunction of the sympathetic nerve.
  • Not only can menopausal women experience hot and red ear but also people who are not in their menopausal stage.
  • Stressful activities can also trigger hot ears.
  • Warm ear is also very frequent in people who suffer from anxiety attacks.
  • Sharp and intense allergic reaction can also cause warm ears to happen.
  • Scratching the ear with pointed tools such as ball pen or pencil can cause red ears.
  • Improper ear piercing can also cause women to experience warm ears which can result to infection.
  • Allergic reactions to certain types of foods as well as drinks can also cause mild reactions including red hot ears.

Home Remedies and Treatment for Hot Ears

One should find the following as helpful warm ear treatment:

  • The most important thing to do in case your red and warm ears become a serious problem is to consult your doctor.
    He may probably recommend beta-blocker drugs that are used to treat heart and blood pressure problems.
  • In cases of stressful conditions, it is best to take some time to meditate or do yoga to relax the body.
  • Cleaning the ear is also a factor in its redness and warm feeling. Hence, use smooth and quality cotton swabs to clean the ear.

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