Can I Start Breastfeeding Again After Stopping: How To Start Breastfeeding Again

Question: I stopped breastfeeding 5 weeks ago. I decided that I would like to start again. Can I start breastfeeding again after stopping it for some time? what should I do to start producing milk again? Give me some tips to start breastfeeding again after stopping.
Answer: I do not know how old your baby is, but certainly you can start breast feeding again even after stopping.

Why did you stop your breast feeding? Did you suffer from any illness during this period?

Tips To Start Breastfeeding Again

  • The first thing you will have to do is try to nurse your baby as many times as possible.
    This will help to stimulate milk ducts and bring back the milk secretion and you will be able to start breast feeding again after stopping it for a while.
  • Think baby, think milk. While you are feeding, stroke and calm your baby using a lot of skin to skin contact. This will produce a reflex action for milk production.
  • If the flow has resumed well and if the baby is deliberate for breast feeding as almost you have abandoned breastfeeding for a month, you will have to use breast pump and then bottle fed him.
  • Certain life style changes such as taking rest, sound sleep, and stress free environment will help in restoring breast feeding again.
  • If the lactation is not proper, try fennel seeds. Fennel seeds have mild estrogen properties, you can make fennel tea. The tea can be made by boiling fennel seeds in a cup of water and then stir and strain. Drink at least three times in a day.
  • Fenugreek seeds: they help to restore lactation, and increase the milk secretion. One can powder the seeds and eat it with rice porridge.
  • Eating lots of oatmeal can also help to restore lactation.