Sleep Talking Causes: Stopping And Preventing Sleep Talking Disorder

Question: How to prevent sleep talking disorder?

Answer: Talking in sleep is commonly associated in children, but elders also are inclined to sleep talking.

A person talking in sleep will come to know of this condition only through his partner.

It becomes very embarrassing to hear from your partner the various things you talk in your sleep, which normally you may have not revealed when you were awake.

What Causes Sleep Talking Disorder?

Sleep talking is a sleep disorder where the person does not remember what he has said during his sleep. Sleep talking is not a serious disorder, but still you would not like to disturb your partners sleep because of constant muttering.

Sleep talking can be in the form of utterance of sound or a proper sentence.

Sleep disorder is a psychiatric problem related to anxiety and stress. If a particular thing is thought throughout the day, and not shared with anyone, it may reflect itself in sleep talking at night. It seems that your subconscious mind is working at that time. Apart from anxiety and stress, the other causes can be obstructive sleep apnea, REM, and disorder of walking in sleep.

How To Stop And Prevent Talking In Sleep?

  • Reduce anxiety and stress level to prevent sleep talking.
    Practice yoga and meditation.
  • Practice healthy life style, try to sleep for 8 to 10 hours regularly, maintain regular time schedule of sleeping and getting up.
  • Avoid drinking alcohol, caffeinated drinks before sleeping.
  • Treating underlying cause of thyroid, head injury or stroke may help in the cure of sleep talking.
  • Certain medications also cause sleep disorders, if you are on some medicines, better ask your doctor if they are responsible for any sleep disorder.
  • Limiting the time spent in bed, to simply sleeping, i.e., no reading, or watching television, in bed can have a beneficial effect.

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