Skin Cracks on Fingers: Causes And Treatment of Skin Cracks on Fingertips

Question: What are the causes and treatment of skin cracks on fingers?

Answer: Skin cracks on fingers and palms are very common problem faced by females, this may be because they remain more in water and soap doing their household work.

The skin of fingers is dry compared to other part of body, therefore they are more prone to cracks.

Causes of Skin Cracks On Finger

  • Allergic reaction on the surface of the skin of fingers, due to detergents and soap.
  • Chemicals: Workers associated doing work with chemicals, paint and solvents are also prone for allergic reaction on the fingers.
  • Atopic dermatitis: This condition is seen more frequently in children, the cause is not known. Certain immunological factors may be involved to cause skin cracks in fingers in children.
  • Eczema: Eczema is also responsible for skin cracks on fingers.
  • Psoriasis: This is the serious condition of the skin, concomitant bleeding may also be present where there are cracks on the finger and toes.
  • Lack of vitamin A can also cause cracks on finger and different parts of body.

Treatment for Skin Cracks On Fingertips

  • The most simple and easily available remedy for dry skin cracks on fingertips is, to apply oil. Olive oil or coconut oil will alleviate symptoms caused due to dry skin cracks on the finger.
  • Vaseline or petroleum jelly is a good moisturizer; it will act on dry skin.
  • Eat fruits and vegetable they are rich source of vitamins and minerals. Lack of vitamin A is essential for healthy skin.

Soak your hand and feet in water for 20 minutes. The crack skin cells absorb water like sponge and begin to grow, healing the skin cracks of fingers