Sharp Pain in Ovary: Causes of Sharp Pain in Ovary Area before Period

Possible Causes of Sharp Pain in Ovary

If you feel sharp pain in ovary, it should be reported immediately to a doctor as this might indicate serious health problems. The female reproductive organ has two ovaries. Their function is to produce hormones including estrogen and progesterone and to release egg cells.

Why Women Feel Sharp Pain in Ovaries in Menopause

There are many reasons why women feel pain in the ovary. Some causes include the following.

  • Ovarian cysts. Cysts are usually formed during the process of ovulation. If the follicle fails to release the egg, the fluid remains in the follicle and this forms into a cyst.
    There is a sharp pain in the ovary when the cysts rupture or twist.
  • Ovarian cancer. Women at an early stage of menopause tend to have risks in having ovarian cancer. Hence ovarian cysts after menopause should not be neglected as these could turn into ovarian cancer. Usually, there is no pain in the ovary at an early stage of ovarian cancer. It is in the latter stage that sharp pain in the ovary area is experienced.
  • Ectopic pregnancy. This is a condition in which the fertilized egg develops in the fallopian tube. A woman who experience ectopic pregnancy can feel sharp pain in the abdomen with vaginal bleeding associated with weakness or dizziness. Ectopic pregnancy should be treated immediately as this is life threatening.
  • Dysmenorrhea. This is pain in the ovary during menstruation period. This can also be a cause of sharp pain in the ovary area.
  • ‘œMiddle pain’ is also one of the causes of sharp pain in ovary before period begins. It occurs 14 to 16 days before menstruation period. The pain in the ovary fades after a few hours or can even take a day.
  • Vitamin K deficiency. Less absorption of vitamin K in the body can cause ovulation disorder and results to pain in the ovary.

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