What Is Septic Infection | Treatment for Septic Bacterial Infection

Question: I have a septic infection where I stupidly bit my nail, its slightly swollen and reddish purple with no visible signs of pus, it is quite tender. It is been almost a week now and I am type 2 diabetic. Can you give me home remedies and treatment for septic infections?

Answer: Septic infection is a condition resulting due to bacterial invasion in our body, and when our body is not able to fight the bacteria on its own. This happens when our body does not have the immunity to act against the bacteria.

 The condition results due to the toxic substance made by the causative organism i.e. the bacteria resulting into generalized sepsis and septic shock in some cases.

Septic shock is a serious condition where the blood pressure becomes low, pulse is feeble, and organ failure can result if not treated urgently.

Who Are More Prone To Septic Infection?

  • Persons having weak immunity
  • Elderly patients
  • Patients having diabetes, or other systemic disease.
  • Person taking steroids
  • Children and infants
  • As in your case there is inflammation in your finger due to pus formation, you being diabetic will have to take extra precaution that the bacteria does not cause generalized sepsis.

Treatment for Bacterial Septic Infection

  • Even though home remedy will act in certain cases where the infection is mild, you will need antibiotics to control the infection as fast as possible, due to underlying diabetic condition. Certainly you will have to consult a doctor for necessary antibiotics.
  • Mean while you can put your finger in warm water for some time, this will reduce the pain and facilitate in pus formation, which can be drained in later stage by your doctor.
  • Control your diabetes as this will help in soon recovery.
  • Take a spoonful of turmeric powder and mix it in milk.
    Drink this daily for few days, turmeric acts as an antibiotic in natural way.